Monday, June 30, 2014

High Visibility Labeling and Arc Blast Hazards

An 'arc blast' is an extremely violent event associated with electrical arc flash hazards. An arc blast can cause devastating injuries and can be fatal even to workers standing ten feet away from an arc flash.
Electrical arcing is the result of a short circuit passing thru air or a medium between two live conductors, or between a live conductor and the ground. This arc releases an incredible amount of energy that can generate intense heat, blinding light, and an explosion called an 'arc blast'. The extreme heat created by the arc flash causes rapid heating of the surrounding air and surfaces, resulting in an explosive expansion or 'blast', that instantly vaporizes metal and sprays the molten metal shrapnel outward at incredible speed. This explosion also sends a powerful pressure wave outward that can collapse lungs, cause concussions, and throw nearby individuals off their feet. The accompanying sound blast can lead to permanent hearing loss.

The damage and injuries resulting from exposure to an 'arc blast' can be catastrophic, and can lead to fatalities in the workplace. As many as 5-10 arc blast explosions occur daily in the US, resulting in 1-2 deaths each day. Safe work practices, proper education and training, appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) , and the use of highly visible arc flash labels help to prevent accidents, injuries and fatalities in the workplace.

High visibility safety labeling to identify arc flash and arc blast hazards helps to communicate critically important safety information, and is a key component of a safe workplace. When safety is important, you want the best. And when you want the best high visibility safety labeling supplies, at exceptional prices, you want Industrial Safety Solutions! SafetyPro industrial printers and supplies from ISS have the superior quality, speed and durability you are looking for. Customers around the world choose Industrial Safety Solutions (877-762-9280) for superior quality at unbeatable prices so call today for great deals!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Arc Flash Labeling and Arc Flash Hazards

What is an ‘arc flash’?

An arc flash is a dangerous event that results when a short circuit passes through air between two live conductors, or between a live conductor and the ground, causing an electrical arc. An electrical arc is a high temperature electrical discharge that 'arcs' across a gap or thru a medium that releases a high amount of energy with a potentially deadly ‘flash’ of heat, light and pressure.

Is an arc flash dangerous?

Arc flash hazards can cause catastrophic injury and death. In an arc flash event the electrical current does not have to pass through the body to be deadly. An arc flash occurs in a split-second without warning and can kill workers standing ten feet away from the arc. The heat produced from electrical arcs can exceed 34,000° F, hotter than the surface of the sun, which instantly ignites clothing and causes severe burns. The intense light produced from the flash is literally blinding. The electrical arc flash also creates an explosive high pressure ‘arc blast’ pressure wave that causes concussions and hearing loss, and shoots out deadly high-speed molten metal shrapnel leading to disabling injuries or instant death.

What causes an arc flash?

There can be many causes for an arc flash accident. It can be as simple error such as dropping a tool near an arc flash hazard area or approaching an electrical source with a conductive object. Poor maintenance or repair of electrical equipment; improper design or installation of electrical systems; corrosion, moisture, dust or other impurities on electrical components; defective or failed parts; mice or other pests entering electrical systems; missing insulation; and even normal wear and tear can all contribute to the triggering of an arc flash event.

What should I do?

Arc flash dangers are a common workplace hazard. However, with the appropriate electrical safety labeling and signs, correct education and training, and the use of the proper safe work practices and personal protective equipment (PPE), workplace injuries and death from arc flash accidents are greatly reduced.
Arc flash labeling is an important component of a safe workplace. When it comes to your arc flash hazard labeling, you'll want the best at affordable prices. The SafetyPro industrial label printer from Industrial Safety Solutions is the #1 leading arc flash label printer in the industry and is an economical choice for all your arc flash labeling needs! With SafetyPro, you can create custom arc flash labels on demand in just seconds, at prices that are unbeatable! For arc flash labels that are durable, cost effective, and high quality, you'll want SafetyPro! Take advantage of special arc flash package deals to bring your costs down even lower. Call ISS at 877-762-9280 today to learn more about SafetyPro – the most cost effective solution for all your arc flash labeling needs!

Monday, March 3, 2014

Kits to make arc flash easier

New kits to make arc flash labeling easier

ISS, a leader in arc flash labeling, recently posted new labeling kits specifically aimed at arc flash labeling. These kits offer a variety of high-quality vinyl arc flash labels and thermal resin inks, specifically formulated for long-lasting outdoor capable arc flash labels.

To make it even better, the kits are fully compatible with industry-standard arc flash software such as Etap, SKM, and Easypower.

Check out the arc flash labeling kits for yourself with this link

The kits also ship with software, in case you're not using Etap, SKM, or Easypower already. So, if you need a complete solution that gives you labeling software with built-in arc flash templates, you'll be all set.

Monday, February 27, 2012

New resource for safety articles related to labeling

There is a new section on the ISS main website for safety articles. Already, the section has several articles on arc flash and electrical safety labeling. Check out the new section at this link:

At the link, you'll find pages of great safety labeling articles, including ones on arc flash. Here is a quote from one of them:

"Attention to arc flash hazards has increased significantly in recent years as understanding of this danger improves, yet each year many workers are hospitalized due to injuries from arc flash accidents. There are many regulations and standards in place with the purpose of helping safeguard workers who are at risk of occupational dangers such as exposure to arc flash hazards."

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Custom arc flash printer for SKM, etap and easypower

I have SKM / Etap / EasyPower, what now?

So many customers who buy and use arc flash calculation software like SKM, etap or EasyPower wonder "how can I take these calculations and USE THEM???" It is great to do the calculations, and it is a first step, but once the calculations are made, you need to put them where they can make a difference. That is where arc flash labeling comes in.

Arc Flash Labeling

The best way to take SKM, etap or EasyPower arcflash calculations and put them in the field is to create custom labels directly from SKM, etap or EasyPower. That's right, you can print directly from these arc flash calculation programs! This is faster, easier, more effective and cheaper than any other label printing method.

SafetyPro - THE choice in custom arc flash labels

If you want a printer that is proven to work with SKM, etap and EasyPower, choose SafetyPro. You'll get the assurance of a compatible labeler, PLUS the best arc flash labeling supplies and selection in the industry, bar none. Call 877-762-9280 to find out more today!

Friday, October 1, 2010

DuraLabel 4000 User Guide

Interesting finds in the DuraLabel 4000 user guide

In the DuraLabel 4000 user guide, which is available publicly online, there are a few telling items. First, there are 6 pages dedicated to the proper loading of the printer! That's a lot of reading for something that is supposed to be "easy." Second, the user guide for the DuraLabel 4000 includes recommendations for using Microsoft Word for labeling.

Microsoft Word: a red flag for professional labeling

Most professional labeling systems ship with professional, custom labeling software. Microsoft Word was never intended for industrial labeling- it's a word processor! There is no reason to write a business memo and create a vinyl label in the same piece of software.

One reason the DuraLabel 4000 might recommend using Microsoft Word right in the user guide is to cut costs. In the end, since the cost of the DuraLabel 4000 and its supplies is not lower than the competitors industrial-class printers, only corners are being cut, and not costs.

Information on the DuraLabel 4000

DuraLabel 4000 Released

The makers of the DuraLabel have recently added a new printer to their line: the DuraLabel 4000. Touted as an entry-level printer, the DuraLabel 4000 brings to the table a lower price than the full-performance DuraLabel printers, and lower supply prices. At least, that's what it appears to offer at first glance. This article digs just a little deeper to give you the story on the DuraLabel 4000.

DuraLabel 4000 Hardware

The DuraLabel 4000 is a 203dpi printer, lower than the industry standard for high-resolution printing, but still acceptable. It has print speeds up to 3" per second, which is fast, but lower than the 5-7" industry standard by quite a bit. The base model does not come with an automatic cutter.

Best described, the DuraLabel 4000 might be considered "inconvenient." Another inconvenience with the DuraLabel 4000 is the micro-ribbon core and light-duty construction.

DuraLabel 4000 Supplies

Possibly the biggest downfall of the DuraLabel 4000 is the supplies. While it may appear that you're saving money, it is important to note that for the price you are getting less than half of the industry standard in supplies! When you calculate the price-per-foot for labeling material, you're really not saving anything at all.

Another problem with having supply rolls that are smaller is more frequent supply loading. Users will run out quicker, and will constantly be re-loading the printer to keep up with production.